FOUR native ponies had to travel 300 miles to a new home when a rescue charity had to close.

Paya, Crystal, Esky and Oliver made their way 300 miles to Oak Tree Animals' Charity from Sussex to their new home when the charity who had rescued them had to close because of financial difficulties.

Oak Tree Animals' Charity based at Wetheral near Carlisle. They look to rehome dogs, cats, and equines and work to support good, long-term healthy relationships between animals and their owners.

When Crystal 5, Esky 4, Paya 5, and Oliver 7 suddenly found themselves in need of a new home the National Equine Welfare Council - NEWC -, contacted all members to see if anyone could help.

Caroline Johnson, general manager at Oak Tree, explained: "When we were contacted by NEWC to see if we were able to take any of the 42 horses displaced by the unfortunate closure of another organisation we had to do our best to help.

"Fundraising is a huge challenge for all charities, particularly in our current economic climate, and we need to come together in times of difficulty to ensure the animals are well cared for.

"We are pleased to be able to welcome Crystal, Esky, Paya and Oliver to Oak Tree where our team will work with them over the next few months to provide health and behavioural assessments.

"Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers will also work on their basic training to give them the best chance of finding a new home when they are ready to start the rehoming process.

"Supporters will be able to follow their progress on our website and social media pages.

"Cumbria is an amazing place for ponies and full of horse-lovers, and we are confident that they will find loving forever homes at the heart of our community."

Anyone who would like to help these ponies by donating towards their care is welcome to do so by contacting Oak Tree Animals' Charity on 01228 560082.

Alternatively you can visit their website at