Toni Mason creates cheesecakes for people across Cumbria, with the help of her husband Michael doing deliveries and plenty of washing up.

Their daughter Kacy has also shown a lot of interest in the cheesecake-baking business, and while she currently builds the boxes for the sweet treats, the youngster can’t wait to get more involved when she’s a little older.

Age: 30

Where are you from? We used to live in Lincolnshire but we had spoke about moving to Cumbria for a long time so eventually we went for it and moved and it was the best choice we ever made.

Where do you live? In Maryport

Where do you work? From home, and this is where most customers come to collect from me.

Why did you want to do this job? When we first moved here I was waitressing, and I just decided one day to actually see if I can make baking cheesecakes work as a business. By then I had been making them for about seven years and loved doing it, I just never knew if there was the demand to make it a business.

How wrong was I! My business has gone from strength to strength, and is only getting better./

I have such an amazing following on my Facebook page and it’s only going to continue to grow, and I’ll always work so hard to keep people interested in what I have to offer.

Take us through a typical day: I’ve got a really creative mind so I always what to try new things to make us stand out as the best cheesecakes around.

The days are long and busy when fully booked up, and we usually go out delivering three times a week to the restaurants we supply.

Our busiest days sometimes start around 4am-5am and we can be working until 5-6pm, and then waiting for customers to come and collect in the evenings.

We’re always busy in the kitchen making cheesecakes, bases and lots of washing up!

What do you like most about the job? I just love it – I love being creative and meeting lots of new people. We have brought out lots of new products, and my favourites are the Cheesecake Domes and our Cheesecake Easter Eggs – they are just scrummy and a really good seller.

I can’t wait for Easter as the eggs are a really cool Easter treat, and they taste amazing!

Also, everyone is so friendly here, and we love exploring in the Lake District when we are not working.

What do you like the least? My least favourite thing about making cheesecakes is firstly, I’ve put weight on, and secondly the washing up!

  • Cheesecake prices start at £12 for the mini cheesecake selections and five-inch cakes, with full-size cheesecakes beginning at £18, increasing in cost as the size – and number of flavours – goes up. “Our largest cheesecake at the moment is a 12-inch one – and they are huge!" Toni said.