Concerned pupils at a Seaton school are set to raise funds for those in need, in the wake of the devastating Australian bushfires.

Seaton Academy will hold a non-uniform day on Friday, with donations going to help people and animals affected by the tragedy.

Assistant head Wendy Durham said: "The staff all discussed this in a meeting and the children have been saying about the animals and fires in Australia and showing real concern.

"So we thought we would try and do something to help.

"We are not focusing on the fires but want to make it an informative and educational day about Australia.

"It is nice the the children care about things that are so far away and we just thought we would do what we could to help."

Each year group in the school will do a variety of activities based around the country, its people and the wildlife.

This could include listening to music, and learning about customs and landmarks such as Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House.

Donations will be collected to send to the fundraising campaign.

Friday's date was chosen as it is close to “Australia Day” when Australians come together to celebrate their country.