A MOTORIST has been banned from driving after being caught nearly seven times the legal drug-drive limit.

Rhiannon Louse Clark, 24 of Northside, Workington was charged with two offences of driving a motor vehicle while over the legal limit.

She appeared at the magistrates' court in Workington where she pleaded guilty to both offences. On July 5 Clark drove a Skoda Citigo on Ashfield Lane before she was stopped by police.

When stopped police conducted a drugs swap because her pupils were dilated and found 328µg/L of Benzoylecgonine - cocaine - in her blood. The legal limit is 50µg/L.

On July 20 Clark was stopped again by police, this time she was found to have 3.0µg/L of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol - cannabis - in her blood.

Clark was disqualified from driving for three years and given a one year community order.

She was fined £120 and ordered to pay £90 to fund victim services.