A Workington man has been jailed after a series of shoplifting incidents.

Marc McIvor, 31, of Hillary Close, in Salterbeck, appeared at the magistrates court in Workington on Friday.

He was sent to jail for 13 weeks for the shoplifting incidents, as well as for failing to surrender to custody at the court on February 4.

McIvor was found guilty of stealing two bottles of gin worth £33.98 from Workington's Aldi on September 26.

He also admitted:

- Stealing 42 bottles of diet coke worth £84 from Morrisons in Workington on December 19

- Stealing four bottles of Disaronno and three packets of Gilette razor blades, worth £133, from Cockermouth's Sainsbury's on November 29

- Stealing alcohol worth £42 from Marks and Spencers in Workington on January 17

He was ordered to pay compensation to the shops.

Magistrates felt a jail sentence was necessary due to McIvor's previous record.