AN AUTHOR has returned to his old school where he wrote his first book in the 1960s.

Graeme Armstrong attended Dearham Primary School in the 1960s and wrote a story he called Australian Hunters when he was five years old.

His teacher Pauline Mee kept the book for more than 50 years, returning it to him through his Auntie Noreen in late 2019.

In a letter to Graeme, published in the book’s afterword, she said: “I was so proud of you when you decided that you would write a complete story and I was even more proud when I read the end result.”

Graeme, who is now 58 remembered writing the story and decided to have it published in hard copy.

Graeme said: “I remember those early years at Dearham School with a lot of gratitude and affection, particularly the infant classes.

“I was quite emotional as I read what she had written and I had to blink away a few tears as I unwrapped the book to see it in full colour after all this time. I often think we were very lucky to get such a start to our education and such a firm base to build on.”

Graeme got in touch with Dearham School business manager Janet Simpson after getting the book published. Mrs Simpson attended Dearham School at the same time as Graeme.

She said: “It was such a joy to hear that Graeme would like to donate a copy of his book to Dearham School.”

Graeme and his wife Julia now live in Leeds but they made the trip to Dearham on Friday, February 14 to donate a copy of the book and see what the school is like now.

The author said that he enjoyed being shown around the school and he was very impressed by how polite and happy the students were.