POLICE hit almost 90mph on residential Workington roads while chasing a drink-fuelled motorist who clocked up his first driving crime aged just 12.

Scott Foster, 29, initially stopped and spoke to officers at 12-40am on October 4 after they noted his Renault Scenic was uninsured.

One PC saw Foster’s eyes were “glazed”.

“He appeared to have trouble focusing on the officer when speaking to him,” prosecutor Gerard Rogerson told Carlisle Crown Court. “He spoke to Mr Foster, enquiring about the insurance. He hesitated. His speech was slurred and he uttered something the officer couldn’t understand.”

As another PC exited the patrol car, Foster sped off with a police advanced driver swiftly beginning a pursuit captured on a dash cam.

As Foster continued to travel on the wrong side of wet and narrow residential routes including Salterbeck and Holden roads, and Roper Terrace, the officer initially reached 45mph.

“He reached speeds of up to 88mph in a 30mph zone,” said Mr Rogerson, who stated of Foster: “He was narrowly missing rows of parked cars.

“He travelled at grossly excessive speeds within residential streets and a general disregard to the rules of the road.”

Foster was stopped after turning into a car park, but struggled before being arrested.

Foster, of Mountain View, Harrington, later admitted dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, drink-driving, failing to stop for a PC and having no insurance or MoT.

The court heard he clocked up his first dangerous driving conviction in 2002 aged just 12.

Karen Tunnacliffe, defending, said there was background information available about the defendant, adding: “What is crying out from the reports is this young man needs help, an awful lot of help and he hasn’t had it so far.”

Recorder Richard Archer adjourned the case for a psychiatric report.

Foster was bailed and is due to be sentenced in early April.