Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were called out twice in quick succession to aid walkers in the same location.

At about 12.18pm on Sunday, the mountain rescue team was called out to help a woman with a suspected broken ankle who had been making her way down the Allerdale Ramble behind Castle Crag in Borrowdale.

A spokesman said: "She was lying on cold and wet ground and despite many layers was getting quite cold. She was given a heat blanket and wrapped in a warm casualty bag and given pain relief before splinting her lower leg.

"The casualty was then stretchered down, through crazy heavy hail showers, to the team vehicles from where she was transferred to a waiting ambulance for transport to hospital."

The incident saw 13 team members out for two hours and then, not long after returning to base, they were called out for a second time.

The spokesman added: "Not only was it on Castle Crag again but almost in exactly the same place.

"A woman had been picked up off her feet by a gust of wind and unceremoniously dumped on her side injuring her shoulder."

Team members set off back to the location and stretchered the woman down to an ambulance.

This time 11 members were involved with the incident, taking one hour and 50 minutes.