A WORKINGTON man is raising funds to give back to NHS staff and other key workers who are doing their bit for the Coronavirus relief effort.

Kris Wilkinson of Caledonian Road, Workington is dying his hair NHS blue in tribute to front-line workers.

Although he is undecided on what he will do for them, he will use the sponsorship money to give back to the key workers. Kris, 35, said: “Everyone seems to be thinking the same thing about front-line workers. They are the few that have to carry on as normal.

“I thought it would be nice if I could do something for them.

Kris was initially thinking of something small like buying pizzas with a fundraising target of £100.

But he said: “Within 24 hours I was at £150, it’s currently sat at £390.”

Donations are being made on Kris’ Go Fund Me page and with help from his daughters, he is thinking of how to use the funds. He hopes that funds raised will buy a treat for those who are still working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said: “It could be a couple of things to help them relax when they get half a shift off. I thought ‘what can we do with this now?’”

Kris hopes that the idea will catch on and others will hold their own fundraisers for NHS staff and front-line workers.

“I am hoping it will gain some steam behind it."

“That’s what we need at the minute, let’s start spreading some positivity.”

He believes the difficult times have brought out the best in people.

“The world seems a different place at the minute. Material things don’t seem to matter anymore, people have become a little more human recently."

Businesses have got behind the fundraiser with Dominoes Workington and Carlisle offering to match funds raised and deliver pizzas to front-line workers for free. Workington Derwent Rotary club donated £150 to the fund. They have offered to double the donation if a member of the club, Jordan Cape also dyes his hair.