As the government announced new measures to support self-employed people during the coronavirus pandemic, Workington's MP has acknowledged some will miss out on help.

Mark Jenkinson has worked as a sole-trader and has also owned a number of small companies in the past.

While praising the government for the speed and scale of the support made available, he said "some will not be satisfied".

He said: "The scale of the response from the government is unprecedented, to do what they've done in the timescale they did is phenomenal.

"Not everyone will be satisfied, especially those who have recently become self-employed."

Government measures will allow self-employed people to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of their trading profits, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month for the next three months.

However the scheme is only available to those whose main income has been from self-employment in the financial year 2018-19.

Mr Jenkinson said: "There are a number of other measures for those who don't qualify for the scheme, they may qualify for Universal Credit, we've had half a million applicants in a matter of days.

"We also have various other measures to protect people from eviction, people can take 'mortgage holidays' and banks are offering help to those who are struggling.

"Anyone who is struggling financially should be able to access some support. For example a married couple with two children where the adults both find themselves out of work should be able to access up to £1,800 a month.

"These measures are there to protect families as much as we can."

He added he was proud of the West Cumbrian community's response to the crisis.

"The response locally and nationally has been fantastic, support groups have popped-up from nowhere and lots of people are wanting to offer their services.The county council is trying to map all of that help, which is fantastic.

"The vast majority of people are heeding the advice on social distancing and staying at home, there are some that are still doing things they shouldn't, but hopefully it won't come to the point where police have to use the new powers given to them."

Mr Jenkinson's office can be contacted by emailing