THIS week, we at the Times & Star asked our readers to share their last picture of ‘normal’ life before the lockdown was announced.

Many of you responded, and here we feature some of the best entries.

Meeting your idols, sunning yourself on the beach and meeting up with friends all seem to be a thing of the past after the last two months, living with restrictions and social distancing.

With thousands across the country taking part in video chats, calling their friends more than they have done since 1998 and nipping round to neighbours' front laws for a catch-up, many are missing the joy of training for the future at their sports club, or even just nipping to the pub for a Friday night pint.

While missing one another can feel isolating, upsetting and a little bit lonely, the pandemic is creating new friendships, new teams and new memories for us all.

The coronavirus has affected all of us in different ways, but there are still plenty of ways to make others smile, and to have a giggle with friends – and the memories of pre-lockdown are always there for us to look back on.