A SPORTS club which is desperate to keep funds flowing during lockdown has launched a scheme to buy a thank you drink for key workers.

Cockermouth RUFC, which is based at Strawberry How, is delighted to have raised £440 so far.

Coach Chris Wright said: "With all sport currently on hold, sadly this means that there can be no rugby union activities of any kind until such time as we are permitted to resume.

"Whilst this is incredibly frustrating for all of us, it is the right and only thing to do.

"As a community amateur sports club, Cockermouth RUFC is, in effect, a charity that survives on subscriptions and income from match fees, bar and social events.

"Whilst we are taking every measure possible to reduce our regular expenditure, our outgoings over the coming months remain challenging.

"When we are able to resume our sport, we need to be able to meet our costs. Our future is now at real risk. Now, more than ever, we need people's support."

The club is asking people to donate to a drinks fund.

"We want to be able to welcome people back at the end of this crisis.

"We believe that clubs like ours will be essential to well-being post virus," said Chris.

"Therefore we are asking if people would 'Buy a round' for key workers, This will ensure cash flow is with the club in the short term and ensure key workers can come up to the club when this is all over and enjoy a relaxing drink."

For more details, go to www.cockermouthrfu.com.