Cumbria Police's CCTV vans are being more widely deployed once again on the county's roads, after a period being mainly used for the transportation of PPE for the county's key workers.

During the first few weeks of the coronavirus crisis, the vans, which are normally sited on main roads to deter and detect speeding, were instead used to help deliver vital PPE supplies across the county.

But the vans are now being returned to their original purpose, as their need as temporary supply vehicles has lessened, coupled with increasing concerns about speeding on the county's roads.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "Today, our Safety Camera team will be operating in Cleator, Bridgefoot, Cockermouth, the A595 Sellafield area, the A66 Troutbeck and on the A6 between Penrith and Carlisle.

"Please drive safely and carefully."