Pizza-lovers across the whole town are being given their own slice of Italy during lockdown, with a mental health charity also benefitting from the cheese-topped treats.

After being taught to make pizzas by her Italian dad, Stephanie Robb is spreading joy around Workington and beyond by cooking and selling endless pizzas, donating the profits to Mind.

The 32-year-old first set up her 'hobby' business, the Mental Chef's Pizza and Pasta Hub, in March, when she found being bored in isolation wasn't doing anything for her mental health.

"I've had a difficult year, and I've not been doing too great, but I really love cooking and found that it helped, so it spiralled from there really," Stephanie said.

"My friends always wanted me to cook pizzas for them because they love them, and then loads of people were asking about them on Facebook, and I ended up making one for everyone!"

The mother-of-two offers a selection of toppings, from customer-favourite potatoes and rosemary to classic Margherita and ham and mushroom, as well as "real" pastas.

And if the food wasn't wonderful enough, Sellafield worker Stephanie is donating £1 from each sale to Mind, along with holding raffles to give everyone the chance to win a pizza-prize while raising vital funds for the charity.

The High Harrington woman said: "Especially at the moment, it's even more important to raise awareness.

"There are a lot of people feeling really bad, and I just really want to see the people going through a bad time smiling, so if my pizzas can help out, that's lovely.

"It's sort of selfish really, because it's helped me so much!

"It's given me a really good boost – even though I am sick of the site of washing up and pizza now!

"I probably won't be able to do it forever, especially when I go back to work, but it'll be a good hobby and side-business to keep making pizzas for everyone."

For details on how you can place an order and help support Mind, visit the Mental Chef's Pizza and Pasta Hub Facebook page.