TALENTED types from all over the globe will be coming together this weekend for international Make Music Day.

While they will be restricted to meeting virtually that is not expected to hamper anyone’s creativity.

In West Cumbria, musician Dave Camlin from vocal group Mouthful and his wife Angie Power are hosting an online get-together and looking forward to performing and to hearing what others have to offer.

Based on a Cumbrian tradition of community gatherings, Dave launched online ‘Merry Neets’ when lockdown started.

“This Sunday is international Make Music Day, with thousands of people in more than 120 cities across the world getting involved. So this will be an extra-special online Merry Neet where you can get involved as performers or audience on a musical journey across the north of England,” said Dave.

Various choirs will be taking part as well as solo musicians. “A ‘scratch’ choir of singers from Sing In! Sing Owt! and Mouthful Voices community choirs will lead us on a musical odyssey to ‘Follow The Sun’ from Lindisfarne to the Irish Sea, with some familiar songs to sing along with including You are My Sunshine, Walking on Sunshine, Bring Me Sunshine and more,” said Dave.

The evening’s entertainment will be interspersed with floor spots. “We want people to share songs, stories, poems, dances, jokes or anything else you fancy around this month’s theme of ‘Follow the Sun’, or with a local connection to anywhere along the journey,” said Dave.

“This is a very welcoming and safe environment to explore your creativity, and enjoy the talents of the community.”

Sunday will also see the launch of the latest in a series of singing challenges that Dave’s choirs have been involved in – a version of the Morecambe and Wise classic Bring Me Sunshine, the video was recorded as a tribute to Barrow musician Ali Rigg who arranged the song and sadly died last year.

“The online Merry Neets started under lockdown, when we were unable to have them in a real venue, and have grown over the last few months, with performers from across Cumbria, the UK and beyond all making an appearance,” said Dave.

Go to: mouthfulway.co.uk/merry-neet.