Trader of the Week Bri-Marg’s of Maryport has continued to provide fruit, veg and fresh eggs, in a safe way, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bri-Marg's of Maryport, based on Senhouse Street is offering delivery and collection on fresh produce whilst maintaining social distancing regulations, protecting both staff and customers.

The independent family-run business is popular in the town, battling through difficult circumstances for its customers.

Bryan and Margaret Easterbrook have ran the fresh produce store for six years and have plied their trade for years previously with market stalls.

And they have been working hard for their customers customers during the pandemic, delivering or preparing fruit and veg for a socially distanced collection from the store.

Mr Easterbrook said: “We’ve been non-stop, the staff have been brilliant. Two of us have been out in the van all the time from Maryport to Harrington, Broughton Moor, Great Broughton, as far as Aspatria.”

Residents of the town are thankful for their service: “They love us to bits, we’ve got a big following on our Facebook page.”

Mr Easterbrook is thankful for his long-standing customers: “It’s mutual, we love our customers as well.”

The store is a typical family run business.

“There’s four family members and I’ve got two part-timers.”

Brig-Marg’s is looking ahead to when normal trading can resume after the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

Mr Easterbrook is going the extra mile for his customers, working long hours and travelling to Newcastle for much of the fresh produce.

Items are also sourced from other local businesses.

He said: “I’ve just come back from Allonby. Thank God it’s easing off a bit, at one time I was doing 16 to 17 hours a day, we’ve now cut it down to 13!”

Bri-Marg’s is selling fresh produce, cooking ingredients and essentials, orders are being made over the phone for contactless delivery or collection.

To make an order call: 01900816250 or message the store’s Facebook page.

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