Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, July 4

Coronation Street (ITV)

Geoff is a man who likes to be in control - and it's currently slipping away from him, which means he's about to get more devious than ever as he tries to regain the upper hand.

Sally is already suspicious of him, but on hearing more information about his treatment of Yasmeen from Cathy, she's left horrified by her father-in-law's appalling behaviour. When Alya asks her to be a witness for the defence, Sally requests a meeting with Yasmeen first.

Geoff's anger levels go through the roof when he finds out, while Tim is left wondering who to believe. Later, after overhearing Alya say she's expecting a call from her grandmother, Geoff steals her phone and sends shivers down his estranged wife's spin during a terrifying exchange.

Elsewhere, Toyah tries to help Leanne by introducing her to a friend who runs a support group for parents of terminally ill children, Michael attempts to win over Grace, and Evelyn gives romance another try.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Harriet has been behaving in a very unholy manner recently, but her conscience gets the better of her when Moira interrupts another charged moment between her and Malone.

The vicar confesses her affair to her friend - and also reveals that Cain has been involved with the corrupt copy's dodgy dealings.

Malone later threatens Moira to keep her newfound knowledge to herself, but when Cain sees the exchange, he jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that his estranged wife is the new lady in Malone's life. But will Cain be forced to put his jealousy to one side when he later gets a call to say that Moira has been the victim of a hit-and-run?

Elsewhere, Jamie is worried about Andrea, so when he gets a clue to her whereabouts, he sets out to bring her back. No wonder Chas warns Belle to be careful about her new relationship.

Jacob and Leanna try to get Leyla and Liam back together, but perhaps they should also spare a thought for Gabby, who is feeling like a third wheel. Meanwhile, Bob fears the worst when Wendy is preoccupied by her phone during their date.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

When he hears Tony wants a second doctor's opinion, Edward panics and tells him that he lied about the test results and that he's ready to go back to work. That night, Edward informs Diane that Tony's changed personality might be permanent.

Elsewhere, Sid tries to recruit Charlie, but once he suggests working for Jordan, the lad refuses.

Warren lifts Sienna's spirits by trying to teach Sophie how to ride a bike, but Sienna panics when their appointment about Sebastian is moved forward.

After they get the news about their son, the atmosphere is strained between Warren and Sienna, but will the mum be tempted to tell Brody why?

While Nancy refuses to go to Kyle's funeral, Darren keeps cancelling his therapy sessions. He later goes to see his ex-wife, who admits she blames herself for Kyle's death. Darren opens up to her about his own attempt to take his life, and she urges him to talk to Mandy.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Erinsborough has welcomed some interesting celebs over the years, and added to the list this week is Russell Brand. The hirsute funny man offers some tips to aspiring writer Toadie. Which is no more outrageous than the storyline unfolding with Dee.

After waking up in prison, she realises that Andrea has fooled everyone and escaped. The fugitive later uses her twin's identity again to try to win back Hugo. After the tot is reported missing, Toadie's fears grow. Little does he know that Andrea is hiding out in an abandoned house with Hugo and Owen.

As the drama unfolds, it turns out Hugo is safe, but Toadie struggles to forgive Dee for welcoming Heather and Andrea back into their lives.

Meanwhile, cousin Levi pranks the life out of Kyle as he returns to Erinsborough. Elsewhere, David and Aaron are thrilled Emmett is staying, but there is drama on his first trip to school when the driver doesn't turn up, and Emmett is nowhere to be found.

Luckily, Paul finds Emmett safe and well, but Aaron then lies on the incident report to the agency, claiming he was the one to pick up the lad, infuriating David.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Marilyn is understandably stressed as tests reveal that John has a brain aneurysm. While Tori fears for John's prospects, his pride threatens his relationship with Marilyn.

After discovering Jasmine alone with baby Grace when Tori is called into work, Justin has a hunch that all is not as it seems - and he is right. While a troubled Jasmine begins to take stock, she ends up pushing Willow away; a knee-jerk reaction which leaves Willow jobless and heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Ari and Tane clash again over Mackenzie, and a confession from Tane comes as a shock to Mac.

Alf is convinced Roo is hiding something, and Evan's optimism in Ryder's presence gets on Roo's nerves. Later, Ryder is closed off following Evan's news, and a chat with Nikau offers a creative way forward.

Still finding her feet, Maggie accidentally pushes Ben and Gemma closer together. Meanwhile, the surf beckons for Dean, even if Ziggy's not so sure.