St Bees RNLI is appealing for young people to wear the correct footwear while enjoying climbing on the Heads, this will stop them slipping on the rocks.

It comes as an RNLI safety campaign has been released offering advice to families ahead of the summer holiday.

The charity says that lifeguard patrols are not able to be on every beach, but there are ways that people can stay safe.

Advice is given against the use of inflatables, which can get swept out to sea, with you or your child on them.

Watch out for rip currents. If you get into danger call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

They advise you leave difficult rescues to the lifesavers. Alert lifeguards nearby.

If you or your children are struggling in the water, float until you can control your breathing.

The beach safety campaign is delivered in partnership with HM Coastguard.