A COCKERMOUTH woman who set off last August to run from her home to Mongolia – to raise awareness of the climate crisis – will soon be on the move again.

Rosie Watson has been in lockdown in Albania since March. She will set off again on Monday.

“I’ll be packing my bag and leaving Bajram Curri, Albania, by legs alone – step by step to Mongolia, after four months, to the date, of Covid-19 disruption,” she said.

“It’s possible that it won’t be the end of it, but for now I’m getting going.”

Rosie, 25, set off from her parents home near Lorton last summer and has run more than 3,500km through Europe. Along the way, the experienced runner has been meeting people who are creating a new, more sustainable, way of living.

She was wild camping and enjoying incredible hospitality while sharing her experiences on The New Story Run website. Then lockdown hit.

She has made the most of her time but is looking forward to heading out again.

Rosie will be running through Kosovo to the top of North Macedonia, and into Bulgaria, where she plans to join the Kom Emine trail and then take the ferry to Georgia.

She said: “My main takeaway from lockdown has been a lesson in equality – or rather, inequality. The perspective of viewing the UK from Kosovo, a country with no furlough schemes and mass losing of jobs, has been eye opening.

“So has learning about the minimum wage that means some people work for less than one euro per hour.”

To follow Rosie go to: https://newstoryrun.wordpress.com