Puppy love can last and the story of Alice and Brian Oglanby more than proves it.

Alice started going out with her brother’s friend, 18-year-old Brian, when she was just 15 and they married three years later.

Their love has endured and, four children, five grandchildren and five great grandchildren later, the couple have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

It was not quite the celebration they expected: “We had planned a family holiday in Turkey – all 22 of us,” Alice said, “but that obviously had to be cancelled.”

However, from about 8am to 8pm visitors and wellwishers dropped by to social distance in their garden and wish the couple well.

Visitors included Liz Percival, Alice’s sister and bridesmaid.

Brian’s brother George was his best man but he emigrated to Australia about 50 years ago.

“We had cards and gifts and messages and even had a gorgeous afternoon tea delivered to us.

“It was a lovely day and we are still hoping we will get the family holiday maybe next year.”

Brian worked on his grandfather’s farm when the couple began courting but, after their marriage he went into the building trade.

Then he began his own business, Cumbria Damp Course.

Alice was 18 when she married and was training as a nurse at Dovenby Hospital.

Later on in her married life she had two shops in Maryport – Alice’s Babywear and Teen Scene, a teenage boutique.

“In those days anyone who had a shop made a living, before the large chains came in.”

The couple lived in Maryport for many years but returned to Brian’s home village of Crosscanonby 15 years ago.

Both have been active in their communities but in different ways.

“Brian is the one who is always there – who is always ready to help anyone who needs it,” Alice said.

He is also a keen gardener and spends many hours outdoors.

She, on the other hand, has been out in the community. She was one of the organisers of a large annual art festival in Maryport and later in Crosby.

She is on the Crosby village hall committee and secretary of her local WI.

“I enjoy being involved.”

Now 77 and 80, the couple are still enjoying their lives and have found the secret to a happy marriage.

With two sons and two daughters, along with in-laws and grand and great grandchildren, Alice said the family has kept their marriage alive.

“You put everything into the family” she said.

“Brian would tell you that the secret is just to agree.”