The government has drawn up a list of 20 councils facing the worst coronavirus outbreaks in England, with Carlisle among the list, according to a classified document leaked to the Observer and the Guardian.

As evidence mounts that the relaxation of lockdown rules is leading to a spike in coronavirus cases in some regions more mobile testing units are being deployed.

Carlisle is at the bottom of the list, ranking 20th, of those regions at risk of local lockdown.

It is reported that the city has 2.8 per cent of individuals testing positive, on a seven-day average compared with Lecister which has 5.7 and is currently in local lockdown. 

The top 10 ranking is likely to be based on a document circulated to local health chiefs on Thursday, headed “official sensitive”. The chart, compiled by PHE, ranks the 20 councils with the highest proportion of positive cases.

There were 18 new cases per 100,000 residents in identified in Carlisle across the week ending last Friday, three times higher than the six cases per 100,000 seen across England.