THIS hilarious photograph shows four shaggy-haired goats appearing to queue up outside a closed barber shop in Wales.

A brazen herd of wild mountain goats have been spotted trotting through the empty streets of Llandudno during the lockdown.

Four goats were snapped waiting in line outside a gent’s hairdressers. But the daft animals might have to wait a while as hairdressers in Wales are not set to reopen until Monday.

Llandudno local Brian Lane, 58, snapped the goats as they patiently waited outside Just Jents in the town.

The Family Intervention Worker noticed the peculiar site as he went out for an evening stroll.

The dad-of-three said: “I had parked up to go for a little walk.

“It was tipping down the rain when I saw these goats under the shelter by the hairdressers.

"I just realised how they were standing.

“The one sitting in the front waiting to go in and the other three spaced out behind.

“I'm aware of the difficulties we're having as a tourist town.

“Businesses are having have not been able to open and the frustration of that and it just seemed to fit that moment.

“Waiting for the barbers to open, or the baa baas, it just seemed to fit a moment.

“I take lots of pictures, to be honest, but this just seemed like a really fitting moment.

“Queuing up all shaggy and everything ready for a haircut. They’ll have a bit of a wait though as they don’t open until next Monday.”

The goats usually reside on the Great Orme country park just outside the town but since lockdown, they have started to wander through the deserted streets.

Brian said: “They were presented to us by Queen Victoria as a gift. They are Kashmiri Goats. There is quite a population at the moment.

“The Royal Welsh Fusiliers always take one as a regimental mascot.

“They come into town but mainly on the shore where it is quieter. Once lockdown started they came down to the centre of town.”