Despite lockdown rules urging people to only take essential journeys, hundreds of people took to the road and broke the law.

Cumbria roads police managed to catch a staggering amount of people breaking the law, from drink and drug drivers to criminals with tens of thousands of pounds hidden in the car.

Officers were tasked with different roles and were needed to help other departments, while the force found its feet with the ever-changing requirements place on them.

In the last few months, the team have sent more than 200 offenders to court for road traffic offences, dealt with eight fatalities and eight crashes that left people with life-threatening or life-changing injuries.

Heading up the unit is Inspector Steve Minnikin. He said: “There is a lower number than normal. but it is staggering the number of offences we have had to deal with.

“The numbers are just a snapshot of what we have had to do and other officers have had to deal with traffic offences.

“During the lockdown, we have helped with arrests for rape, threats to kill and helped find 21 missing people.

“By putting this information out it helps the public see where their tax money is being spent.”

Normally at this time of the year, the team is taking part in public engagements and meeting people at roadshow style events but as a result of covid-19, they have all been stopped.

Insp Minnikin said: “It has hit us hard not doing all the events, but it has given us time to catch up on other things.

“It's been much easier to spot drink drivers as there is no one else on the road and they stand out like sore thumbs.

“But I’m disappointed in the numbers these people are selfish and they don’t help themselves.

“The vast majority of Cumbria was fine but there was the exception.

“Just because the road has been quiet isn’t a reason to break the law through speeding, drink or drug driving or the many other offences we have had to deal with.”