It was a sports day – but did people enjoy it?

From the looks on the faces of some of those photographed in Allonby, community events appear to have been a solemn event back in the day. And it was definitely not a time for casual clothes, with the men in their suits, ties and – in some cases – dashing boaters, while the women wore their best bonnets for the occasion.

But when was it and who are these people?

Some old photos were given to historian John Whitwell by Elizabeth James, whose father, Dick Gate ran the gents’ outfitters and hat maker in Senhouse Street, Maryport.

Mr Whitwell said: “Elizabeth said she has no idea of the date, only that it was a sports day in Allonby, and I am not even sure how she knew that.”

Now it is up to the seaside villagers to try and identify the date, the occasion some of the people involved... and who is in the pram!