AN HISTORIC old clock has been restored – to the delight of man tonsfolky.

Aspatria's old market hall is an impressive building which, over more than 100 years, has had many other roles including labour exchange and even a roller skating rink, and now it houses a gym.

Martin Yates-Brown, owner of the Evolution Gym in the centre of town, said the 148-year-old building was desperately in need of renovation and the clock had not worked for some time.

“The lockdown, when we had to close the gym, gave me the opportunity to get the work done,” he said.

He has invested around £20,000 in a complete makeover, with a quarter of that being spent on the clock.

“The inner workings needed to be completely replaced. It now has electric workings and a device that ensures it keeps Greenwich Mean Time.”

The clock has kept its historic face, however.

“It has all been cleaned up and repaired and looks great. In fact we decided to light it up at night. We tried all sorts of colours and then asked the people of Aspatria to vote.

“They chose white, which surprised me – but white it is. You have be be careful to make sure the light does not interfere with the clarity of the clock face.”

Mr Yates-Brown and partner Pauline Brown have completely restored the front of the building.

“I found a sandstoner in town who was keen to do the work. He has cleaned everything and it looks great – back to its original beauty.”

He said the plan was always to keep it to its original design.

“The only thing we have altered is that we have put double-glazed windows on the side of the building to protect from the westerly winds.

“They still look much the same as the original,” he said.

Martin said townsfolk have been delighted by the work.

“I have had so many people telling me how glad they are it has been done and there has been an unexpected benefit, too – several people said they didn’t even know there was a gym in the old building!" he smiled.