A COMMUNITY radio station is set to host a 24-hour radiothon for the Teenage Cancer Trust, inspired by a young musician who is currently fighting the illness.

Tony Hetherington of Egremont decided to host a 24-hour broadcast challenge after hearing that Mitchell Sloan, drummer from popular local band Springfield had been diagnosed with cancer. 

“I was going to do this in June, “ said Tony, “but with lockdown it was difficult.

“I wanted to do it for something local. I just thought we could help him out a bit.”

He was touched to see that Mitchell was raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust whilst suffering from the illness himself and decided to support the cause. Tony said he was “inspired” by Mitchell’s efforts.

The live fundraising challenge is set to broadcast from 6pm on Friday August 21 following Tony’s regular show.

Special guest presenters will drop by and the community will hear the familiar voices of the station’s regular hosts.

Regular programming will still take place but Tony will co-host and will be on the air for 24 hours.

“I’ll be on every single show. It will start with my regular show on a Friday with different people coming in and doing their slot. When David Bushby is on it’ll be his show, co-hosted by Tony H.”

To listen to St Bees Community Radio visit: https://stbeesradio.co.uk/