Campaigners for a four-arm roundabout to replace a controversial staggered junction could be nearer to realising their goal as Highways England names a fund for the scheme.

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson wrote to the organisation to ask for an update on the Broughton/Brigham junction on the A66, after constituents were frustrated at the lack of action at the site.

Residents in both Broughton and Brigham have been campaigning for more than 20 years for work to improve the notorious junction.

Nick Harris, operations executive director for Highways England, replied to Mr Jenkinson and said that the design of the roundabout is progressing well and they were working with landowners to reach an agreement to acquire their land for the project.

He added: "The scheme is proposed to be funded from the Safety and Congestion fund, announced as part of the second five-year road investment strategy period, which commenced on April 1."

However, Mr Harris was unable to give a starting date for the project and said: "We are currently reviewing which schemes should be funded and the order they would be delivered.

"The timescale for delivery of the roundabout has therefore yet to be fixed as it remains subject to funding."

In response to suggestions by residents to upgrade bus stop provision at the site Mr Harris said: "We are proposing to upgrade the existing bus stops on Great Broughton Road to the north of the junction as part of the project."

But they said there were no plans to add any bus stops on the A66 as: "the high speed nature of the route makes it unsuitable for buses to stop and pull away safely."

Mr Jenkinson has subsequently written back to Highways England to request that the roundabout be made a priority.

Hundreds of Broughton and Brigham residents attended consultations at public meetings held by the organisation six years ago, in both villages, where most felt that a four-arm roundabout would be the best solution to the traffic problems.

Data provided from Highways England, from a website called Crash Map, shows there have been 19 reported road traffic collisions at the area between 2009 and 2018.