A West Cumbrian man has been banned from the roads after he was caught drug driving.

Ian Corris, 50, of Grasmere Avenue, in Workington, appeared at West Cumbria magistrates' court on Tuesday.

Corris admitted driving a Black Peugeot 307 on Wilson Street, Workington, with Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in his blood.

The controlled drug is a cannabinoid molecule contained in cannabis.

The court heard he had 2.5 mcg of the substance per litre of blood, the legal limit being 2mcg.

Corris also admitted driving without a valid insurance policy covering the vehicle.

He was banned from driving for 12 months, a sentence which is obligatory for the offence of drug-driving.

Corris was fined £120 for the offence and a further £100 for driving uninsured.

Both offences were committed on February 21 at around 11pm.

The defendant was ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs and £34 surcharge to fund victim services.

The court agreed he would pay £20 per month, with the first payment due on September 8.

He owes a total of £339.