Our guide to all the soap action for the coming week.


Last week Alya hoped to buy Geoff’s share of Speed Daal; this week it’s clear he wants to turn the tables and force her out of the business.

She’s horrified when he turns up for a shift, but the villain announces he legally has a right to be there, so she’d better get used to it. He also reveals he’s applied for an alcohol licence, despite not having Yasmeen’s permission to do so.

Later, Geoff deliberately tries to sabotage the restaurant by cancelling staff shifts, leaving Alya to manage everything alone. Eventually she snaps and smashes the place up. As a result, Geoff looks like the innocent party again – until a conversation with Ryan makes Tim wonder if his dad might not be the angel he claims to be.

Adam discovers why Daniel has been seeing so much of Nicky, Dev’s financial issues grow, and Johnny is haunted by his past.


If Belle was hoping to get Cain’s blessing for her relationship with Jamie, she’s in for a disappointment as her big brother is not happy to learn they are back together.

The more she tries to defend her boyfriend, the more she risks damaging her relationship with her family. However, when Sam is later sacked for badmouthing Jamie, he still expects Belle to take his side – but instead, she announces she’s moving in with the vet.

Dingle disapproval isn’t the only obstacle the couple could face as the police inform Moira that they’ve found a witness to the hit and run.

Elsewhere, Mandy is keen to show Vinny that Paul can’t be trusted, but accusing her ex of stealing David’s charity collection backfires when it turns out the money has simply been misplaced.

Marlon plots against Al, and a social worker arrives at Jacob’s Fold to find Charity and Sarah mid-row, and Will has some questions for Billy.

NEIGHBOURS (Channel 5)

Emmett has to eat humble pie when he discovers it was Jenna, not David and Aaron, who shopped his mum.

Paul is miffed after Mac’s live-streamed protest, and Harlow must choose between her grandfather and her principles.

While Paul’s heel-dragging over Ned’s plans leaves Terese infuriated, Nicolette stands up to Pierce, putting her job on the line in the process. Later, the duo must face facts over their fledgling setup at No. 24.

Levi asks Bea for help after his prescription is trashed, but Bea has to cover for him when Yashvi starts asking questions.

Dipi and Shane’s pending anniversary plans are scuppered when he bails on dinner, so she investigates his movements. Later, she prepares to confront him about his lies, but misses her chance, so Roxy shares the truth.

HOME AND AWAY (Channel 5)

Jasmine feels ambushed by Tori, Justin and Colby’s well-meaning intervention. Thankfully Irene offers her some kind words, which stops Jasmine from leaving the area for good.

During a night out, Amber and Willow run into Tane. Ziggy is pulled into the ensuing fray, along with Mac. Later when Dean wakes, he finds Ziggy with a black eye, courtesy of Amber. Mac refuses to discuss his own clash with Amber, and a grieving Ryder snaps at Justin.

Meanwhile, Nikau confides in Bella about his connection to the beach.