A West Cumbrian woman's campaign to end injustice in the family courts has been given the backing of major campaigners.

Victoria Hudson, 44, of Aspatria, has been campaigning for several years to increase protection of victims of domestic abuse who go through the family courts system. Her efforts resulted in the Government publishing a review of the family court.

Now she has coordinated efforts to highlight her concerns to the Justice Minister Robert Buckland MP, gaining backing from one of the biggest domestic abuse charities in the country, Safelives.

Working with TheCourtSaid, a campaign for survivor family justice, she also earned the backing of other high-profile campaigners.

The letter says: "We are calling for urgent redress to be provided for victims of domestic abuse affected by the harm in Family Court, confirmed by the review granted in 2019.

"It is imperative that victims have access to the following: An immediate case review into domestic abuse cases in England and Wales that have been affected by this issue; Poor decisions leading to children being placed with known perpetrators of abuse should be reversed and children returned to safety. Unsafe contact orders in place also need to be made safe for children.

"Currently in the family court it is ‘business as usual’ which means that whilst the Ministry of Justice delivered a commendable review, the poor decisions in domestic abuse cases are continuing. Victims currently have no way of reliably reversing miscarriages of justice or unsafe decisions due to the absence of meaningful recourse, even if their cases are current. We urgently need to establish a fair system where those who have been affected by the harm in family court have a way of accessing justice. Poor decisions in family court have lifelong catastrophic effects on victims and children. The Government needs to help put things right."