Our guide to the week's soap action from Saturday, September 5.

EastEnders (BBC1)

The soap is finally back and so is the bust of Queen Victoria as Ian restores it to its rightful place behind the bar.

Unfortunately, seeing it again proves to be a shock to Sharon, who is reminded of the night of Denny's death. But she's in for an even bigger upset when Dotty decides she can no longer hold her peace and storms into the Vic to reveal that Ian is to blame for the teen's demise. Who will Sharon believe?

Elsewhere, Chantelle has finally reached breaking point and speaks to a divorce lawyer. It becomes clear that breaking away from Gray will be expensive, so she turns to Kheerat for a loan, unaware he is having money problems of his own.

Ruby is also suffering financially as someone has been stealing her identity, so Vinny suggests robbing the club for the insurance money. However, the plan soon goes awry

Meanwhile, Callum wants to be there when Ben's cochlear implants are switched on, but he's distracted when he spots his boyfriend on the CCTV footage he's reviewing for the police...

Coronation Street (ITV)

Eat your heart out Cormoran Strike – when it comes to uncovering the truth, nobody does it better than Sally this week.

She's known for some time that Geoff is as guilty as sin, but convincing Tim has proven tricky. However, when Cathy tells her Geoff's CCTV footage would be on his laptop, she finds a way to get into the house and steal it.

After a little bit of trial and error, she locates some incriminating evidence, and before you can say "whodunit?" the police call round to ask him a few difficult questions...

A distraught Tim, meanwhile, goes in search of Elaine, worried that his father might have silenced her for good.

Dev considers putting the kebab shop up for sale in a desperate bid to raise some cash. While Chesney and his family wonder what that means for their jobs, Asha angers her father by continuing to see Corey.

Oliver has another seizure, a huge sinkhole ruins David's barbecue and Nick gets a blast from the past.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Belle's decision to make a go of things with Jamie puts her into conflict with her nearest and dearest, with Paddy confronting her for starting a family feud and Cain having a go at his sister in public. To make matters worse, the revelation of a new witness in Moira's hit-and-run case leaves her in a panic. But when Jamie finds out, he remains calm - and announces he wants to push ahead with divorcing Andrea.

A paranoid Will convinces himself he has seen Malone hanging about and puts in an urgent phone call - then picks up a gun from an old friend. Meanwhile, Cain notices the church door has been left open and finds Harriet inside, sobbing. Will she confess all to her old flame?

Marlon tries to fix the rift between Amy and Matty by inviting them to a pizza tasting - only for Paddy to make a suggestion that soon backfires.

Nicola, always keen to be centre of attention, spreads word of the clothes swap she's organising.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

The soap returns after a seven-week break with the fallout from the wedding - and several characters recalling the day in flashback as they are interrogated by the police.

Walter refuses to accept that his grandson will be marrying a man, leading to a bust-up with Scott and prompting Mitchell to get cold feet. The ceremony does go ahead, but soon after Mitchell goes for a lie-down - closely followed by one of his siblings, with revenge on their mind.

Diane is mortified when Tony, who is being drugged with testosterone by Edward, has another public outburst.

Martine is blissfully unaware that Felix is two-timing her with her niece, Lisa - but Grace discovers what he's up to and advises him to go for the least complicated option.

As the story finally reaches the present day, Verity finds Tony in a vulnerable state, while John Paul feels rejected by George.

Home and Away (C5)

Marilyn continues to avoid Roo and Alf, prompting them to plan a confrontation. But she only ends up feeling lost and vulnerable.

Everyone is struggling to come to terms with Ross's murder and are unsure of the next move - so Colby takes matters into his own hands. But while Angelo is not easily swayed by the fabricated story surrounding Ross's death, Colby is convinced of his strategy.

Colby and Amber retread old ground - can she ever give him the benefit of the doubt over her brother? Tane tries to turn down Amber's travel proposition do right by Mac. But when Mac's relationship with Ari develops, Tane becomes frustrated and seeks support from Nikau.

Jasmine faces a few home truths in her first therapy session. Keen to prove her growth, she makes a peace offering towards Grace.

Elsewhere, Ziggy and Dean make travel plans and a familiar face returns to town. But will everyone be welcoming?

Neighbours (C5)

With Jenna's sister now identified as a suitable carer for Emmett, David makes an impassioned plea for him to stay. But things don't turn out as hoped, only serving to drive a wedge between Aaron and David.

Hendrix tries to work out what's really going with Nicolette's love life. But as he gets closer to the truth, she confesses everything to Jane - and before long the barriers between mother and daughter start to come down.

Ned is anxious that his meagre wage won't stretch to renting a gallery space for his art exhibition. Will the brazen offer of a nude photo provide the lifeline he needs?

Toadie counsels Shane through his fears and pushes him to admit he's an addict, Chloe keeps putting off having the Huntingdon's disease test for her unborn baby and Nicolette gets her own back on Pierce after a prank goes too far.

Karl and Susan try to persuade Toadie to cool things with his latest admirer - the infamous Angela Lane.