Our guide to all the soap action from Saturday.


Karen, Mitch and the family return from Southend to the heart-breaking news about Chantelle, but even in the midst of his grief Mitch realises there is an atmosphere between Gray and Kheerat.

The dad’s suspicions grow when he discovers Kheerat has Chantelle’s memory box. Away from Suki’s disapproving glare, Kheerat opens up to Mitch about the fact that Chantelle was unhappy with Gray and puts forward his theory that the lawyer found out and had a row with his wife, which got out of hand.

Callum is torn as he considers Thompson’s offer, Amy accuses Isaac of using drugs, and Sharon tries to call Ian’s bluff by saying she’ll move out of the Vic, but doesn’t get the reaction she was expecting.


Daniel’s obsession with Nicky continues. They tentatively begin a romance, just as he spots a way to get her out of her financial mess – after Geoff accidentally leaves an envelope of money behind at Adam’s office.

Meanwhile, Nick offers to sell his shares in Underworld to help fund Oliver’s treatment in Germany. Inspired by the move, Steve suggests cashing in on their businesses with Tracey.


Jamie thinks he has Andrea back on side after he apologises to her and agrees to let her see Millie. Unfortunately, he then makes the fatal mistake of bragging about her falling for his lies, unaware she’s overheard him.

Andrea storms off to tell Moira exactly who ran her over, but Jamie tries to reassure Belle that it doesn’t matter as no one can prove anything. However, he could be feeling a lot less cocky when Cain tracks him down, armed with a baseball bat...

Victoria returns from Annie’s funeral ready to look to the future, and Leyla tries to reach out to Gabby.

HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4)

A loved-up Juliet invites Peri out to lunch – and to make sure she’s looking her best for the occasion, she swipes £50 from the drug money to spend on a new dress.

Sid worries how Victor will react when he discovers his payment is short.

Sienna is worried about Brody as a flashback reveals what happened when he visited Buster in prison, and there’s still chemistry between her and Warren. But when Liberty goes in labour, will Sienna forget about her ex and finally get the happy, stable family she claims to want?

NEIGHBOURS (Channel 5)

Is karaoke the best way for someone to work through their emotions? Well Roxy think it’s worth a try for Dipi.

Levi tries to get in Dax’s good books in the hope he will be able to infiltrate the drug ring. Yashvi does more secret investigating, but things take a dramatic turn after getting River to the hospital, and the patient names Yashvi as his assailant.

And while Toadie continues to warm to Rose, the mystery woman is more interested in a case of his. Just what is she up to?

HOME AND AWAY (Channel 5)

Things are looking bleak for Justin who collapses while working with acid.

Ziggy decides to stand by Dean, and they meet with his son, Jai. In spite of safety fears, Bella and Nikau grow closer, while Ari and Tane are in pursuit of the duo.