Plans for a housing development in a West Cumbrian village have been tipped for approval despite opposition from residents.

Deo Properties Ltd wants to build on land adjoining a property at High Seaton.

Plans include a two-storey detached house and two one-and-a-half storey buildings.

The three homes would be accessed by a shared private drive.

The site is currently the rear garden of Barncroft, a two-storey property that was historically built as a barn and has retained some of the original historic character.

Allerdale council's development panel will make a decision on Tuesday, but officers have recommended the plans for approval.

Seaton Parish Council raised concerns about the proposal, which it considers as overdevelopment.

In its response to a consultation launched by Allerdale council into the proposal, Seaton parish councillors said: "The council has concerns with the potential overdevelopment of the site and the lack of space between proposed properties.

"This in turn would impact on vehicle ingress and egress concerning the site, particularly given its proximity to the main road junction.

"The council is also aware of flooding in the recent past which has affected properties in that area."

The project also received letters of objections from residents, despite the plans having been amended during the process to mitigate some of the concerns.

Concerns raised include:

- One of the homes is directly over an existing culvert

- The proposal would cause increased traffic on Fernleigh Drive

- Building works would cause disruption, noise and pollution

- The plans amount to overdevelopment of the land

- Concerns have bee raised over the proposed design of the homes

- Residents fear they would be overlooked, resulting in loss of privacy as well as light into their properties

- Concerns about the impact of the development on wildlife

- In the amended plans, one of the bungalows is bigger than that originally planned.

In a letter sent to Allerdale planners, a resident said: "None of the amendments will change any of my previous objections and from what I can see, although I am by no means an expert in reading plans, it seems that they have actually applied to make one of the bungalows, the one directly behind my house, even bigger.

"I really hope that you take into consideration all of my objections with regards to this project."

Another resident said: "Fernleigh Drive has enough cars entering the street, building more houses, especially on the corner of the street, will make this far too busy and dangerous.

"The bungalows will overlook into our properties, especially ours as it also a bungalow so we will not get much privacy in our own home."

Allerdale planners said that conditions enforcing the use of obscure glazing will preserve privacy for the existing homes. Planning officers also felt that the access and drainage arrangements were acceptable.