‪A DANGER driver careered out of control at speed on a Workington street, causing injuries, extensive damage and the death of a puppy.‬

‪Michael Guy Benedict Ash, 34, took the keys to his partner’s Kia without her permission on May 10.‬

‪Ash’s mother then called at his Moss Bay Road home, asking for bus times, suspecting he'd been drinking and knowing he held only a provisional licence.‬

‪She agreed to let him drive but prosecutor Richard Haworth told Carlisle Crown Court how witness William Rae gave a “very graphic description” of what unfolded. As he and his wife, Amy, walked their dogs on leads along residential Casson Road, Mr Rae heard “engine revs and tyre screeches”.‬

‪He saw the Kia on the wrong side of the road, estimating its speed to be 40-50mph. “He noticed that the driving was erratic, dangerous and fast,” said Mr Haworth.‬

‪With his wife, Mr Rae took evasive action but the car caught the right side of his body, also striking a Ford Fiesta, two vans parked on a drive and a wall.‬

Mr Rae opened the Kia’s door, seized the keys, told Ash to stay where he was and said he was calling police.

“I noticed that my puppy was under the car and still breathing. However, it looked very injured,” Mr Rae later recalled. The dog died on its way to the vets, Mr Rae adding: “This has caused incredible upset in our family.”

Mr Rae was treated in hospital for his injuries. Ash and his mother were also hurt, he failing a roadside breath test and unable to comply with two police station readings.

He admitted dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, failing to provide a specimen, no insurance and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Judith McCullough, defending, said Ash had a drink problem following family bereavements, adding: “He is aware his actions caused pain, injury and suffering. He wishes to say sorry to all those affected by his actions that day.”

Jailing Ash for eight-months and imposing a two-year driving ban, Judge David Potter told him prison was the only possible punishment for “putting yourself, your mum and other road users at substantial risk of serious injury, and putting people’s property at substantial risk of damage”.