A FIRE crew is reminding the public that alarms save lives.

In a social media appeal, Whitehaven Fire Station has asked the public to ensure their home is properly equipped with fire alarms. The fire station has asked the public to "assess the needs of their home and ensure they have adequate alarms for their needs" on Home Safety Week.

A spokesperson for Whitehaven Fire Station said: "For those most vulnerable groups Fire and Rescue Services can assist with specific advice for the indivdual and, if required, fit smoke detection and some fire and rescue service may be able to install CO detection too."

They said: "Alarms save lives and in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide incident they can provide precious time to escape."

Residents are encouraged to install alarms in the most used rooms.

Smoke alarms failed to activate in 20 per cent of accidental dwelling fires in the UK.