A MOTORIST was caught drink driving after police spotted him driving along a residential street in Carlisle without one of his car's tyres.

Anderson Boakye, 28, who last year was prosecuted for a so-called 'romance fraud', came the attention of police as his Seat Leon was seen "rocking" and making a loud banging noise as he drove it drove along Bower Street.

The defendant then failed a roadside alcohol breath test, the city's Rickergate Magistrates Court heard.

Boakye, of Chapel Street, Carlisle, admitted an offence of drink driving.

Katie Lord, prosecuting, described how the defendant was arrested on August 30 after he had driven to the city from a friend's home in Cockermouth.

"The vehicle was making a loud noise and weaving and rocking as it passed the police officers," said Miss Lord.

"When they followed the vehicle the officers realised that the front wheel tyre was removed from the alloy.

"They stopped him in Bower Street." A breath test revealed a reading of 45mcg of alcohol in 100mls of breath. The legal limit is 35mcg.

The defendant admitted to police that he had downed two large G&Ts before driving.

Miss Lord added that at the time Boakye was the subject of a 13 month suspended jail sentence, imposed by a judge for facilitating the acquisition of criminal property.

In December last year, Carlisle Crown Court heard how Boakye was implicated in an international “romance fraud” scam which saw two vulnerable pensioners hand over more than £80,000 to him and his accomplice, with the victims believing that the cash was destined to help potential partners abroad.

Paul Tweddle, for Boakye, said: "He miscalculated the amount of alcohol he could drink with his friend in Cockermouth. He came back to Carlisle and 'kerbed' his car.

"That was when his tyre went. But he cooperated with the police." Boakye currently works at a Carlisle supermarket for 16 hours a week.

He is also furloughed from a second job that he holds, said the lawyer.

Magistrates imposed a £230 fine, with £85 costs and a £34 victim surcharge. Boakye was given a 16 month driving ban but offered the drink driver rehabilitation course, which could cut the ban by 16 weeks.