Our guide to all the coming week's TV soap action.

EastEnders (BBC1)

Viewers are unlikely to feel much sympathy, but Gray is struggling to keep it together as he tries to deal with the kids, Whitney's looming trial and his guilt over Chantelle's death.

His colleagues wants to take him off the case, and when it turns out to that the hearing is scheduled for the same day as Chantelle's funeral, it seems the decision has been taken out of his hands. However, Gray insists he wants to keep working.

Whitney is adamant the funeral has to be his priority, although she's secretly terrified of facing court without him. So, when the day to say goodbye to Chantelle arrives, will Gray manage to keep his conscience in check, and how will Whitney cope when her trial takes a most unexpected turn?

Coronation Street (ITV)

Eileen returns from her sojourn in Thailand to the news that Todd is missing, having gone to ground after ripping off a gangster.

She's determined to find her son, but when he proves elusive, she fears he's gone for good – until Sean disturbs an intruder at home... The mystery man was Todd and he's left a note behind that Eileen finds – he wants to meet her in an old warehouse. Once they're face to face, he admits he's in danger... and soon Eileen is too.

As Steve and Leanne decide to take the authorities to court over Oliver's treatment, Nick finally comes clean about having a son of his own. Gail is thrilled, but an already distraught Leanne doesn't take the news well.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Paddy's relationship with Chas has been rocky lately, and it looks set to get worse when Bear informs him that he saw his wife heading off with Al.

It becomes clear that Bear was right to worry, as Chas and Al share a charged moment over a picnic – and when Paddy overhears their conversation, he fears his relationship is over.

Bear implores Paddy to talk to Chas and tell her what he saw (and heard), but is it too little, too late?

Meena struggles to build bridges with Manpreet, so she tries to win over Rishi instead, which just makes her sister even more uneasy. So, when Rishi puts Meena forward for the nurse's job at the surgery, Manpreet makes sure the interview is as uncomfortable as possible.

Dawn takes drastic action after Billy realises there must be a secret reason why they can't be together, and Charity is feeling lonely. Meanwhile, Jamie considers pushing ahead with his plan, despite legal advice, but could Belle be starting to regret teaming up with Andrea?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jordan thinks Juliet is getting ideas above her station when she starts ignoring his orders and manages to get mugged during a drop off. However, Victor still thinks she has the right stuff for his criminal organisation, and it's Jordan who ends up getting the blame.

It becomes clear that she really is the drug dealer's pet when Jordan tries to get her in trouble, only to be reminded that Victor doesn't like snitches.

Fearing that his life is now in danger, Jordan begs Leela to run away with him, but they're stopped by PC Kiss. Meanwhile, Victor has a proposition for his star recruit, but Sid is hoping Juliet will make a different kind of fresh start...

Elsewhere, Celeste fears she can't protect Toby anymore, while Felix and Warren go into business at the garage but are soon battling over who will be top dog.

Home and Away (C5)

Get set for fireworks as the sexual tension between Colby and Taylor finally explodes – but is he honest about his feelings for her, or is he only romancing her because she's married to Angelo?

When Bella finds them kissing, she clearly believes that Colby's interest in Taylor will last just long enough to get her husband off his back, but whatever the case, his lover agrees to help him gather evidence.

Love is also in the air for Mac after she moves in with Ari, but the same can't be said for Dean and Ziggy. Their relationship seems to get more complicated by the hour, and matters are made even worse after she becomes increasingly jealous of Amber.

Neighbours (C5)

Chloe feels the pressure as the day of Fay's baby shower arrives. Hendrix doesn't help matters by telling Pierce that Nicolette might have had feelings for his wife.

Ned is about to come clean to Yashvi about Fandangle – until he receives a text message from a 'fan' who turns out to be Scarlett, his unhinged stalker. She sets out to blackmail him, which causes his PTSD to return. Can he find a way to handle the condition and get her out of his life?

Levi and Bea's sham relationship is called into question and Sheila tampers with his medical review, a move she may live to regret.