Fun-loving Frank is a wee dynamo of a dog! This lad loves to be kept active and busy so is looking for someone who can keep up with his super intellect.

Frank hasn’t had much consistency in his life so can be overwhelmed by new experiences, but he has shown us how quickly he can learn, and in the right home with the right training he will flourish!

He is very friendly and affectionate with people but unfortunately this doesn’t extend to other animals, therefore, he will need to be the only pet in the home. Frank can be startled by lots of noise and young children are overwhelming for him. He could potentially live with older teenage children (16+ years) but, as he needs further training, he might not be suitable to be walked by them.

As Frank gets a bit upset around other dogs he would benefit from a quieter neighbourhood where there is space and opportunity to work on his training. As he is such a smart dog we feel that with the right training and patience he can learn to be calm around other dogs.

Frank isn’t used to being left, so will need a home where alone time can be built up gradually. A terrier-proof garden is also a must!

Are you able to help turn this loveable lad into a polite gentleman?


Handsome Hans is looking for his fur-ever home.

Hans would like a home that is rural, the more rural the better! He’s definitely not a town cat and has no traffic sense.

The freedom to access the outdoors whenever he pleases would be a distinct advantage, as Hans can be vocal if this isn’t an option!

Despite his free-spirited nature, Hans is a very affectionate cat and loves attention. He’s intelligent and enjoys interacting with the food and toy enrichment activities on offer in our cattery environments.

Hans could live with older children who would be able to respect his space and ‘alone time’. We also think, as Hans is a confident chap, that he could live with a calm dog that is used to cats.

Could your home be the purr-fect new pad for this lovely lad?