When Simon Carter found himself unemployed he looked for anything he could find, including taking on a temporary position as a delivery driver.

He later joined Morrisons in Workington on a permanent basis and now a number of people see him as much a friend as a delivery person.

His job was to deliver groceries to the elderly, vulnerable and isolate.

Margaret Hardy of Salterbeck was his first customer on his first day.

“It was nearly Easter and I got an Easter egg," she said.

“He is lovely. One week I had suffered a bereavement and got a bit teary when I was talking to him. Next time he was delivering in the area he popped in to see if I was okay. He is just lovely.”

This is the kind of reaction that led to Simon getting a full time job.

Morrisons’ community champion Lesley Dunlop described Simon as “our fabulous van driver”joined the store team at the beginning of lock down as a temporary member.

“His charm and wit soon lead him to a full time member of our Workington team. He trained on a number of departments but his talents definitely lie within the doorstep delivery category.

“He goes above and beyond with customers to the point of going back & checking on them if they didn’t seem themselves when he visited or taking them a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates if he knows it’s their birthday.”

Simon, 62, of Great Broughton, was a sales rep for many years and said he enjoyed dealing with people.

He decided to swap jobs and took a position with a Keswick letting firm but before he had even started lockdown was announced and he found himself without a job.

“I was determined to take anything and now I am really happy to be working with Morrisons.”

He said sometimes he is the only person his customers see during the week.

“The great thing is that Morrisons is so supportive. I am not pressured into delivering in a hurry. I don’t have to be back at the store at a certain time and it is the store that often supplies me with little gifts for my customer."

And that cheer he brings is what makes him our person of the week..