A MAN has been jailed after he took his sister's vehicle without her consent and drove it while disqualified.

Albert Robert Newell appeared before Workington's magistrates' court on Thursday.

He admitted driving without insurance, taking a Renault Clio without the consent of the owner of lawful reason, driving while disqualified

The offences took place on Leander Close in Whitehaven on August 5.

Newell, of Pica Cottages in Workington, was jailed for 60 days for the offences.

The court directed that the sentence was so serious due to the vehicle being taken from his sister in breach of trust, commited with a passenger, he was subject to post sentence supervision and the time of the offence and his previous record, which includes a similar offence.

He was jailed for a further 35 days for non-payment of £2134.64 in court costs.

The 26-year-old was ordered to pay a £128 victim surcharge and £85 in costs to the Crown Prosecuton Service.

He was disqualified from driving for two years and 47 days.