A WEST Cumbrian council has issued a hefty fine to a Workington man for fly-tipping.

Allerdale Council issued a £400 fixed penalty notice to a Workington man who had dumped waste and household items "in a back lane behind his own home", an Allerdale Council spokesman explained.

The unnamed individual provides the latest example of an issue that the local authority has issued several warnings over in recent weeks, as it seeks to hammer home the message that people found to be fly-tipping will face consequences.

"Please dispose of your waste properly - take it to a household waste recycling centre," the spokesman added.

Alternatively, residents can request a bulky waste collection from the council.

"The council has a no excess policy on black sacks and other items placed beside bins or in back lanes.

"These items will not be taken by the waste collection crews and will be treated as fly-tipping with a fine being issued."