While many knew Dean Anderson as something of an adrenaline junkie, his wife Susan described another side to him – a man who was dedicated to helping others.

Susan said: “There was another side to Dean; a kind and caring side.

“He loved taking people out on his boat and teaching them to waterski.

“Though, after a day out with Dean, Facebook was invariably full of friends 20 years younger than him complaining they were hurting.

“He taught me to scuba dive and was always tutoring his mates on track days, helping them go faster.

“This year Dean joined me at Wizard Education, where he taught the kids practical stuff like how to wire a plug or drill a hole.

“Real-life maths skills were his forte and the kids hung off his every word and, you know Dean, he didn’t modify his language for anyone.

“Two days before he died we took two boys to Energi, the trampoline park, and he bounced rings round them. While he was never going to win any awards for political correctness, he was a great role model as he was so real, larger than life and was not afraid to admit to the mistakes he’d made.

“Dean was an extremely passionate person and only had two speeds: stop and full gas.

“Of his many passions over the years, motorbikes were a relentless and reoccurring one and he was the happiest I’ve ever known him in the last few months. He’d bought a brand new R1 and was slowly converting it to race next year.

“After he died, I was sitting with him in the hospital and a nurse came in to tell me how sorry she was.

“ He’d only been in the place an hour but managed to make an impression, showing everyone pictures of his racing and his bike and showing off his broken collarbone.

“We’re all still in disbelief that he didn’t die as he said he wanted to: in a fireball, up a tree, surrounded by twisted metal.”