Our guide to all the soap action week beginning Saturday, October 17

Neighbours are not good friends - EastEnders (BBC One)

Stacey and Ruby start the week as enemies, but seem to patch things up after a trip down memory lane. However, Lily spoils it all by telling Ruby about some rather unpleasant things Stacey said about her while they were cleaning the bar.

Soon afterwards, Stacey is shocked by something she finds pushed through the letterbox. Kush reckons it's a warning from those he owes money to, but when Stacey is later attacked by a hooded figure, it seems there's more to the matter than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, Kathy is thrilled when she finally lands a date - her success is down to Peter, who lowered her age on the app. Nevertheless, everything goes well, until she trips, twists her ankle and has to get it checked out at the hospital, where her real age is revealed.

Phil remains determined to get custody of Raymond, Ian's money concerns mount and Sharon is left distraught when the items Denny had with him at the time of his death are returned.

Belle's torment - Emmerdale (ITV)

Belle returns home after spending a night at the police station, and although relieved to be back, it soon becomes clear the experience has left her mental health in tatters. Unable to take her pills while locked up, she begins hearing Lisa's voice, which tells her not to go back on her medication.

Nate is stunned when he learns about Belle's history of schizophrenia and volunteers to take the rap for the hit and run to save her from jail. It's a noble gesture, one that makes his father very proud, but whether he goes through with it remains to be seen. Cain and Moira, meanwhile, break into Jamie's home in an attempt to find incriminating evidence.

Elsewhere, Paul gets himself into debt by gambling again. When Vinny confronts him, Paul lashes out before doing a runner.

Dan's return to work ends in disaster, Laurel and Bernice upset Gabby by refusing to back her decision to leave uni, and Harriet returns to the village.

Todd goes bump in the night - Coronation Street (ITV)

Strange noises from the attic scare Mary so much, she asks Billy to perform an exorcism. Neither of them could be more spooked when, during the process, Todd appears at the top of the stairs.

After Eileen saves her son from Mick Costello's clutches, he then makes his presence felt on the cobbles. Paul worries that Todd will make a move on Billy, but the vicar is adamant he no longer wants anything to do with his former lover. Nevertheless, it soon becomes obvious that Todd has gotten under his skin again.

Ray gives Gary the job of persuading several locals to sell him their properties. David is his first target, and although he can only see the benefits of handing over the house so he can clear his debts, Gail worries he's doing the wrong thing.

Steve fails to persuade the German doctors to help Oliver's court case, Gemma gets a new lease of life after landing a job and Scott tightens his grip on Johnny.

Marking a quarter-century - Hollyoaks (C4)

Many happy returns to Hollyoaks - the soap is 25 years old this week. To mark the anniversary, its writers have come up with some great storylines and the reappearance of a long-lost friend.

Tony receives an invite to a date with a mystery person who describes themselves as the love of his life. He wonders if it could be Diane, but gets a huge shock when Kurt - who was supposedly killed 19 years ago - turns up. He's very much alive, but why did he fake his own death and what has he been doing all this time? He's certainly got a lot of explaining to do to not just Tony, but Darren, Mandy and Cindy too.

Meanwhile, a spooky doll turns up at the McQueens, sent by a blackmailer who demands money to keep quiet about the family's darkest secrets. Mercedes, however, wants to make a stand - a move that looks set to end in disaster.

Love hurts - Home and Away (C5)

After Dean desperately tries to win back Ziggy with some new information, it finally dawns on her that there's a lot she doesn't know about the murder, and she turns to Willow for support.

Dean, meanwhile, hopes Amber will offer him some comfort, but she spurns his advances, saying she doesn't want him when he's on the rebound.

Colby and Taylor's plans for a romantic getaway look set to be scuppered by Angelo, who's back in town. Later, Bella and Nikau confront the couple about their affair, while Taylor finds herself torn between her husband and her lover as matters take a serious turn.

Tori has a big decision to make during Justin's surgery, while Roo and Owen grow ever closer, despite Ryder playing gooseberry and Marilyn's concerns that the couple's relationship is moving too fast. Elsewhere, Ari and Tane aren't comfortable with the idea of Bella moving in with them.

A Rose by any other name - Neighbours (C5)

Rose and Toadie's blossoming relationship looks set to be scuppered when, during a date, her husband James turns up out of the blue.

Thankfully he's not there for a showdown, but rather to put forward a proposition. Later, Mackenzie realises that James is still in love with his wife, and wonders whether Toadie could be heading for heartbreak.

Shane feels guilty about the problems facing Dipi and Pierce, unaware of how close his wife has become to the businessman in recent weeks. He tries to cheer them up by organising a dinner party where the atmosphere could be cut with a knife.

Later, when their respective partners walk out on them, Dipi and Pierce end up on an impromptu date, during which they discover if their fling was just that, or if something more is developing between them.

Aaron lets slip that Chloe misses Nicolette, making the latter wonder if she can find a way to stay in Erinsborough, and Ned's exhibition seems to be going well - until disaster strikes.