A BUSINESS in Oughterside is growing from strength to strength in a niche market thanks to the support of its community.

Tracey Lindsay launched Manor Barn Organics from her home in Oughterside, Wigton after moving to the area with her husband.

She has worked in a variety of different roles over the years, with a degree in engineering she has previously worked in construction, facilities management and health and safety.

Tracey worked in this capacity at Buckingham Palace for five years. She spent time in Qatar studying the living conditions of migrants.

After moving to Cumbria she decided to take the plunge and mark her hobby of aromatherapy a full time business.

“When we came back from the Middle East we decided to move up here. There wasn’t many jobs for my skill set. I’m 50 this year, I thought ‘if I’m not going to do it now I’m never going to do it.’

“I’ve always been interested in aromatherapy, I’ve always used it myself.”

Tracey’s time spent in Qatar gave her a desire to make a difference.

“I really wanted to come back and do something that helps people.”

And her aromatherapy products have a wellbeing benefit.

Tracey said: “I’m particularly passionate about mental health.”

The community is raving about Manor Barn Organics, getting the word out on a small homespun business.

“I’ve got some great supporters that are like brand ambassadors, they’re sharing my posts on social media.”

As it is for many small businesses, the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a challenge.

Tracey said: “I haven’t been able to do any craft fairs or get out meeting people.

"I run workshops but I’ve had to put that on hold.

“I was just starting to get the word out when Covid hit.”

But she remains positive with the support of her customers.

"I don't think anything prepares you for running your own business but I'm enjoying it.

"I'm using this opportunity to try new things I'm going to do soaps and candles as well."

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