A COCKERMOUTH pensioner is calling for improvements to be made on the main "eyesore" track into the town's cemetery.

Jeep Jones, 77, of Lingfell Avenue, has written to Allerdale Council many times over the past few years calling for them to Tarmac the rough track which leads from Bellbrigg Lonning.

For the past few years it has been the only way that the undertaker can access the cemetery as the bridge at the Lorton Road entrance can no longer be used.

"The cemetery is lovely and so well kept but this road is awful and it's the main access, it spoils it," said Mr Jones, a retired bus driver.

"It definitely needs something done, it's an important way into the cemetery and should be made nicer.

"They need to Tarmac it, I don't think it would cost so much.

"For years I have asked Allerdale to do something about this.

"In the winter it gets so muddy. You see people all well-dressed for funerals or attending graves and they have to walk along here.

"It's not nice for the community to have to put up with this."

The town's undertaker and mayor are backing Mr Jones' calls for improvements to be made.

Councillor Julie Laidlow said: "It's like a trademen's entrance, it's second rate. And if the gates chained you can't get a pram in."

Undertaker Nelson Chicken said: "It is the only way to access the cemetery in a vehicle, which can get filthy in the process.

"It's in a bad state and gets worse over winter. We would like to see it improved."

Mr Jones' wife, Olga, died 13 years ago and he visits her grave weekly.

"I'm up every week changing flowers. The cemetery is lovely but this track ruins it for so many people.

"It is an eyesore of an entrance to a well-looked after cemetery.

"It is a dirt track for anyone having to walk down at anytime but in winter or after a rainfall it's a mud track."

An Allerdale Council spokesman said: "As part of our property management procedures, we regularly review the state of this route into the cemetery to ensure it continues to be maintained and safe for all users."