Plans to build 65 houses adjacent to an already busy road is facing a groundswell of objections.

Gleeson Homes has applied to build the houses on ground adjacent to Station Road in Aspatria.

This is a road that is much used by heavy goods vehicles servicing factories such as Sealy’s Beds and also surrounding farms.

Aspatria Town Council is leading the charge, claiming that the houses are neither wanted or needed.

Town councillor Alan Reay said: “Right across the road from this proposed development is another for 35 houses. The developer had permission to build, some digging started and the ground has just been left in a mess.”

He said he would welcome new people into the town but questioned how, if landowners had not found the need to build 35 houses, how would a further 65 sell.

Acting mayor Alan Maxwell agreed and said the number of submissions, including those from residents, indicated that this was not something the town wanted.

Councillors and residents were concerned that the estate could bring anything up to 200 or more extra cars to the area.

One resident said pointed out the traffic problem already there as the number of tankers going to the dairy seems to have increased recently. “The smallest is an eight-wheeler and the largest a six-axle tanker. A local farmer has some of the largest tractors on the road, hauling large tanks and trailers.

“We also have a lot of traffic generated by at least eight local businesses and their customers and employees.

“The impact of up to 130 extra cars from the two developments is bound to have a detrimental effect on the safety of road users and pedestrians; children going to school, mums with prams, people using motorised scooters, dog walkers. Believe me, crossing the road currently can be a death defying feat at times.”

The end date for submissions for the plan is Monday. Submission forms can be found on the application site.