ALLOTMENT holders in Cockermouth who have untidy sites will be warned they have six months in which to improve.

At a recent online meeting, town councillors were told there were five sites on Gote Road and four on St Helen’s Street which were given 28 days to improve.

Clerk Sheila Brown said: “When I checked there had been no improvement. Some have been shielding, others have not got back to me.”

Councillor Alan Tyson said: “I feel we should perhaps send them another letter, saying we have decided not to do anything this year but we will be looking for an improvement next year.”

He was supported by Councillor Richard Watson, who said: “Covid should not really affect people’s ability to look after their allotments. They need to be warned that we will be keeping tabs on them and they could be evicted.”

A timescale of April/ May was suggested by Councillor David Malloy. “Otherwise we will be discussing this again next year, when we have a waiting list.”

Councillor Alan Kennon said: “I was speaking to one of the stalwarts and he has not been able to go down, it’s not his fault really.”

It was agreed the allotment holders would be told their sites were still untidy and there would need to be an improvement by April/ May.

The council has 60 allotments.