Help is out there for those struggling with the pressures of Covid-19 thanks to a new campaign.

Agencies across Cumbria, including the NHS and Cumbria County Council, are collaborating on the ‘Help is Here’ campaign which works to make residents aware of the Covid-19 support available.

A full list of support services is available on, compiled by partner agencies.

Booklets will be issued from next week, proving key points of contact for support during the pandemic.

Residents who need help finding essential items or who are struggling with their living situation during the pandemic can call the county council’s support helpline on 08007831966 from Monday to Thursday from 9am until 5pm, or from 9am to 4.30pm on Fridays.

Councillor Deborah Earl, cabinet member for public health and communities, said: “You might feel overwhelmed, scared or find yourself in a position you have never experienced before. Coun Earl expressed the importance of reaching out. She said: “Don’t wait for problems to get worse, there are organisations that can help. Taking the first step might be talking to someone you know and trust or it might be looking for help and contacting someone we are able to signpost you to.”