EastEnders (BBC1)

Ian's finances are under scrutiny again when Peter asks his dad to help Lauren, who has been left homeless by a fire in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, while looking into the state of Ian's bank balance, Peter happens across his will and is hurt to discover that alhtough Bobby is included, he's been disinherited.

Kathy later tells Peter that he needs to forgive Bobby as he would do anything for him. But will that prove to be the case when Peter suggests that if they really want to honour Lucy's memory, then the foundation should be helping her family?

Mick is back home, sporting a black eye, which he puts down to a mugging. Other than that, he initially seems to be back to his old self as he takes Linda out for dinner, but when he later pretends to be asleep to avoid his wife, it's clear he's still troubled. He decides he needs to talk someone - and chooses Katy...

Tina's planned take down of Ian backfires, Callum is dismayed to discover the source of a 999 call, and Gray and Kheerat have an altercation in the Square.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Leanne remains adamant she wants to fight the court's verdict, despite the fact that every local solicitor refuses to take the case.

She also lashes out at those closest to her, horrified by what she perceives as a lack of support, but she's forced to rethink everything when Oliver suffers another blow. Steve eventually persuades her that letting their son slip away is the best course of action, although it will be the hardest thing either of them have ever had to do.

Johnny tells Jenny he feels guilty about the suffering he caused during his life of crime, and believes the only way to lift the burden is by making a full confession, even if it means a spell behind bars.

Tim apologies to Yasmeen for not believing her. He also offers to be a defence witness, which angers Geoff. But the bully may be about to get another shock when Ryan uncovers valuable information that could help Alya and Tim find Elaine.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Leyla walks in on an argument between Gabby and Liam and starts to suspect something sinister is going on.

She demands to speak to the teen in private, and when she asks if the doctor has ever 'taken advantage' of her, Gabby doesn't deny it. Obviously, Liam does when he hears about the accusations, but it's clear Leyla doesn't believe him. Will Gabby come clean or will she stick to the lie to drive them apart?

Al's surprise party turns out to be even more surprising than expected when Priya suggests they could get married one day. Al says that he doesn't want to rush into anything, but after she explains what marriage means to her, he proposes. But is Billy right to think it's only a matter of time before his dad breaks his new fiancee's heart?

Jai jokes that Laurel's nausea might be morning sickness, but they are both shocked when it turns out she really is pregnant, prompting him to book a private scan.

Harriet realises Dawn's being prostituting herself again, while Billy tries to talk to his distressed ex.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Mitchell's loved ones are panicking when they realise he's missing - but Toby clearly knows exactly where he is. And when he summons Celeste to the garage to help him cover his tracks, many viewers will be left fearing the worst...

Sienna becomes concerned about Liberty's mental health after she finds her sister in The Folly, apparently talking to Nico. Unfortunately, ambushing Liberty with a doctor makes the situation worse, especially as Nico is trying to convince her that everyone is conspiring against her.

So, when Faith later disappears from her pram, will it confirm Nico's claims that Sienna was planning to steal the baby?

Kurt returns from France, determined to get even more money out of Verity. But when Edward overhears an incriminating conversation, will he expose Kurt's plan or is he too busy meddling in Diane and Tony's lives?

Theresa teases Goldie about Cleo's return and Joel's weakness for McQueen women, and Brody feels guilty when he meets Cormac's daughter, Summer.

Neighbours (C5)

It's Halloween in Erinsborough, which gives everyone an excuse to don bonkers costumes.

Among those doing so are Dipi and Pierce, who should perhaps be scared by the fact that Jane spots them kissing. However, as Pierce's outfit hides his face, she thinks Dipi must be locking lips with Shane. But when Nicolette finds out, she realises only one person has that get-up - and it's not Dipi's husband...

After the lovers end their affair, Nicolette wonders if telling Chloe about it is the right thing to do. So, rather than come straight out with the information, she devises an alternative rather more elaborate plan.

Bea asks out Levi, just as Yashvi and Ned's relationship hits the rocks again - this time because she destroyed his painting of Scarlett. Harlow discovers that Hendrix could be leaving and Mackenzie feels nervous about getting up close and personal with Richie.