A RUN down village hall which was at risk of demolition 12 years ago is now a thriving community asset.

Broughton Village Hall is a well-established hub, providing a venue, pre-covid, for everything from toddler groups to over 60s clubs. The hall is well known for its regular dances and also indoor bowls, bingo and much more.

The building's transformation is thanks to a hard working team of volunteers. And at the helm is our Person of the Week - Brian Beck.

Over the years Brian, 81, has had the unstinting support of his wife, Anne, who died in March. He was nominated by parish councillor Sue Hannah.

"He rescued the village hall from continued deterioration and has turned it into a vibrant community asset," she said. "Various people have been involved but Brian spearheaded the work. He and his late wife, Anne, have successfully ran the hall for several years."

The former miner's hut on Main Street, Little Broughton, was in bad shape and at risk of being pulled down in 2008. A meeting was held in the hope of forming a committee to save it.

"I was coming up for retirement," said Brian. "Anne played bowls in the hall and Sylvia Wigmore asked if I would be interested in helping out.

"I went along to the meeting, no one would be chair and I got roped in. I was the only man and did as I was told!"

Anne and Mrs Wigmore got money from Cumbria Community Foundation and Sellafield for chairs and tables. "We got a new roof on the hall, with solar panels," said Brian, whose three daughters all live in the village.

"It went from there. The outside walls were rotten and we got money for wood for the walls. There were various retired people involved. The late Peter Nicholson, a retired joiner, did lots of the work, I was a labourer. We also did the interior and insulation and lining. James Collister also helped, he was the only one with an extending ladder. We got a load of volunteers to paint it."

Brian and his crew worked five days a week for a year. "It's been a big part of my life - and my wife's life, a lot of people's lives," he said. "It's a fantastic place and has been created by the villagers, I enjoyed being part of that."